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We all live on a beautiful planet. But not all of us will see it as beautiful. Some will have to work under the scorching sun or in the darkest shafts. Kids will have to work instead of playing. All kids deserve to live carefree lives. 


At the very beginning of the concept Sciarosu, I wanted to share more love through clothing and wanted to set up a brand that solely earns it's right to operate in favor of charitable goals. This hasn't changed. I still want to differentiate Sciarosu from other glamourous and sophisticating brands. 


Let's go and do it. Share as much love as possible. Our first project is going to provide young moms who have no financial means to care for their baby and want to end the conception. Our first country is Thailand. Here it is against the law to get an abortion. We want to prevent babies from ending up in places where dogs scavenge. The biggest reason for babies ending up where canines live is because of this poverty. And in some cases, social status will steer newly moms into doing unthinkable things.


We are planning to build rooms, which are completely air-conditioned. These rooms will be filled with the loving care of nuns of Buddhists, Christian and Muslim backgrounds. Besides the human touch, we will also install cameras and motion sensors.

The following clip is in Dutch. This was the first room in the Netherlands. In the United States, there is safehavenbabyboxes. We are translating the clip below as we speak. You can take a sneak peek here.  

This is what we want to create with the help of you guys. Each 10th product we sell will be an open fixture. Starting at a minimum price, customers will be able to pay as much as they like. We will transfer the amount of love to your chosen charity. As a thank-you-note clients will receive a shirt with corresponding stars on the chest and a logo of the favored charity. Each star will be the equivalent of $100,- or €100,- the client has donated. 

An example of a shirt with 3 stars or €300,- donated will look something like this:




The only thing that will differ is the Unicef logo. For now, you will get a different logo and a QR code which will guide you to the specific account of Sciarosu where your donation is transferred to.


We´ll keep you posted.