Show your true colors and wear colorful sweaters



In an era of many dark and gray areas on a political level, on social media level and even in everyday life (how many colorful cars are there in the streets). Wearing colorful clothing will be pinned on certain people who would wear these types of clothing. Shake it off and bounce these boxes we are put in.

Sciarosu encourages everyone to wear colorful clothing and feel free to do what you please. Colorful sweaters are a signature of Sciarosu's freedom for everyone. That's why all our clothing is unisex(ual). Feel free to share our feelings with your loved ones. 

In order to show our love for you, even more, we are giving our first 100 customers a discount of 25%. All you have to do is sign up. We will send love straight into your email. Again you are free to share these codes to the ones you love.