The underlying cause of obesity.

The underlying cause of obesity.

Covid stress

We all have had our struggles during these Covid times. Some may have faced bankruptcy. Some may have lost their job. It all resorts to stress, and this is what causes a chemical reaction. A lot of people can not cope with it and resort to drinking abusively and others find comfort in eating. 


It's never too late to begin your battle. Because when you pass a certain age, losing weight is more difficult. Don't be discouraged. Your body is a very versatile learning machine. You can program your body to turn on specific genes for weightloss. With the help of mother nature to kick it off.


Recent statistics are revealing some astonishing information about women and weight loss. At this very moment, 45 percent of all women in America are on a diet compared to about 28 percent of men. Unfortunately, this reality fails to reflect the way that one would hope in society; obesity continues to be a growing concern despite the unprecedented access to quality information. What we're seeing is more and more women becoming more aware of the benefits of good nutrition, but a dramatic increase in the cases of overweight and unhealthy people. 

The Woman's Relationship With Food

Despite a change in societal gender roles over the last 50 years, women still carry the balance of time spent in the kitchen and the grocery store. This reality has forged an enduring relationship between women and food -one that men certainly do not share. Where food serves men as mere fuel, it nurtures women into a state of comfort and security. In other words, women nurture men and food nurtures women.

Unprecedented Access to Information

The Internet has sent our culture into information overload and made many health-concerned people paranoid and overwhelmed in the process. Women have never been more obsessed with numbers -fat content, calories and the like- and it has led to little, if any, progress. This mass dispersal of diet information has ushered in an era of 'deprivation diets' that see women deny themselves so many foods that they love, and it's a philosophy that clearly is not working. The new question that must be addressed is HOW we can incorporate the foods we love into a working nutritional weight loss solution that is affordable, accommodating and considerate to the needs of each individual.

Food Attitude Adjustment (FAA)

To really hit a breakthrough in the weight loss process, it is crucial that women reconcile their relationship with the foods they love and forge a partnership with them. Pitting food against you will never lead to success because denial solves nothing.

The solution, then, is to level your emotional needs with your nutritional needs. The first step to doing this is the complete abandonment of the "good food vs. bad food" paradigm. Food doesn't have an agenda, and it's important to acknowledge and embrace that sentiment. Embrace choices over rules and make yourself the focal point of your weight loss goals and successes. A diet of deprivation is destined to end in a night of binging, but a diet of balance can endure any challenge thrown at it.